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Centre of International Culture and Education (CICE) was developed to provide supporting services for cultural and educational exchange activities between Japan and Vietnam, as well as other countries around the world.
CICE was founded with an ambition to become a popular destination for students and organizations from both Japan and Vietnam, those who care about developing an exchange portal for education and culture between the two countries. At the same time, CICE aims to be a connection point between Japanese and Vietnamese universities, especially those that are interested in further cooperation and admission in Vietnam. In the future, CICE’s network of partners is expected to expand to other countries.

CICE's Networking Model

Our activities
- Providing information about educational policies, the educational system and the current cooperation between Japan and Vietnam. This is to enhance the understanding between partners, which can facilitate further educational cooperation.
- Providing information about CICE’s partners, educational and cultural programs. CICE also offers necessary advices and materials to support potential cooperation projects in education and culture.
- Providing useful services for partners such as: organizing conferences, interpreting/translating, logistics services and many others
- Organizing events and conferences that are relevant to educational and cultural cooperation.
Organizing regular Japan-Vietnam cultural exchange activities, such as: movie nights, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and so on.
- Consulting about studying opportunities in Japan for prospective students.
- Providing library and information service, which consists of useful materials about languages,  education, and cultures. The forms of materials offered range from books, magazines, newspapers to movies and documentaries.
- Providing advices and information about jobs and careers in Japan, as well as available scholarships.

Our advantages
- CICE has an extensive network of educational organizations: from Ministry of Education and its subsidiary departments across Vietnam to many universities, high schools, language schools and other institutions.
- CICE also has a strong relationship with many Japanese educational and cultural organizations, which are operating in both Japan and Vietnam.
- CICE employs a team of active, knowledgeable and responsible professional staff. Our senior advisors are leading experts in the field of educational and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
- CICE also possesses a team of part-time cooperators, who possess a high level of language skills and can offer quality Japanese courses for those who need it.
- At CICE, there are many modern facilities who are regularly maintained and updated. There is also a library for those who wish to research about Japan.

CICE's Network (in Vietnam)

With our extensive experience and understanding of Japanese culture, we believe that the key factor to success is to build cooperation based on mutual trust.
Every single activity of CICE aims to promote cooperation and exchange in education and culture between Vietnam and Japan as well as other countries, with the foremost purpose to bring more benefits to next generations of students. 
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